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The Experts In Safe Roof Removal

We are an expert business handling safe roof removal and disposal, servicing all of Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, and the surrounding Treasure Valley areas. At Quality Works Inc., we specialize in both residential and commercial jobs.

Adding layers to a roof can be considered a cost effective approach to repairing damage and wear, but in truth it only covers up the problem. Removal of an old roof before installation of a new one both reduces the weight on the supporting structure, and ensures a much cleaner looking final product.

No matter the reason, we can safely remove your roof:

  • Severe damage
  • Too many existing layers
  • Mold or other hidden issues
  • Roofing material update

Safe removal and disposal!

Safe removal and disposal!

There can be many reasons a roof must be removed, and Quality Works is your best choice for the safe removal and disposal of an existing roof, whether it be residential or commercial!

Our experts will handle your project with care, preserving the structure beneath the old roof for your new installation, regardless of the material you choose.

Why tear off an existing roof?

Severe damage
If your roof is severely damages and the underlying structure can no longer be considered safe, a removal may be the only option.

Too many existing layers
Over the years multiple shingle layers are often added to aging roofs in order to maintain them. When this build-up becomes too thick, they must be expertly removed to safely start again.

Mold or other hidden issues
There’s no telling what may be lurking under an older roof when it is in need of repair. If a roof has been letting water through there could be mold or wet rot in the supporting structure which would not be discovered unless the old roof were removed before the installation of a new one.

Roofing material update
Switching from a metal roof to an asphalt one will involve removal of the old material, as they will not be structurally compatible. The same can go for other commonly used roofing materials as well.