Insurance May Cover Repairs

Did you know that in many cases, roof repairs are covered by your home owner's insurance?

It's simple, just 5 easy steps!

1: Call Us

Schedule a free inspection!

2: We Inspect Your Property

Our technician will inspect your property and determine if you have damage that may be covered by insurance.

3: Authorize Us to Work

After you, your insurance company and we have determined damages and agree upon the costs of the repairs. Discuss time frames, expectations and payment terms before scheduling.

4: Work Begins

The job is scheduled and the work beings. The time of replacement can vary due to weather, size of home, and availability of product choice. Our normal scheduling time is 1-2 weeks upon approval. Our average time from start to completion is 1-2 days depending on the complexity of the job.

5: Submit to Insurance

Submit certificate of completion to insurance. After the work is completed and you are completely satisfied we will submit this form to your insurance agency to receive final payment (Recoverable Depreciation).

That's It!